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Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Located in the state of Florida, Transformations Treatment Center is a faith-based alcohol and drug rehabilitation center which specializes in treating more than thirty different types of substance abuse problems and alcoholism.  The center focuses on providing people with the most innovative and effective treatment methods possible and is proud to have a staff of caring and devoted medical and rehab specialists.

Transformations Treatment Center is proud to provide alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs that deal with each and every facet of addiction. Programs offered at the center are 30-90 days in duration and are focused on meeting the needs of each unique patient.  The staff of Transformations works diligently to give each patient a fresh start at a drug and alcohol free life and the tools needed to ensure lifelong sobriety.

Alcohol Treatment:

Alcohol is a drug, though many people mistakenly believe it is not.  Alcohol is a social and cultural staple in the U.S. and many people look forward to having a drink and socializing with friends.  It is in a situation where drinking becomes chronic and excessive that a person runs into trouble.  The negativity associated with alcoholism is serious and dangerous, costing countless numbers of lives each year.

The disease of alcoholism has little to do with whether or not a person has self-control; it is not a sign of weakness or a character flaw.  Alcoholism is uncontrollable and a person is powerless over the cravings and physical dependence experienced with the disease.  The only way to treat alcoholism effectively is through entering a professional alcohol treatment facility to receive treatment.

It is not clear why a person is driven by the compulsion to drink and another person can stop of their own volition.  Alcohol abuse can be caused by many different factors such as self-loathing, depression, genetic predisposition, trauma, stress or a variety of other reasons.  Some people believe they can control their drinking and are surprised to find themselves in the throes of alcoholism a short time later.

Having the help of a faith-based rehab facility allows a person to witness how truly forgiving and loving God can be.  Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is one of the most formidable alcohol treatment facilities in Florida, and works hard to provide each and every client with the best and most positive outcome possible upon conclusion of treatment.

Christian Drug Rehab Treatment: 

Christian drug rehab facilities and faith-based rehab programs are some of the best ways to treat someone suffering from drug addiction.  Studies have shown that with the assistance of a faith-based rehab program, a substance abuser can find the help needed to speed the journey to healing and recovery from drug addiction.  God helps and forgives everyone and in the battle against substance abuse, the client needs every possible weapon.

Transformations is an ideal choice for people seeking a unique and innovative approach to drug addiction treatment.  Having a strong and solid foundation in Christianity and the power of God and true faith has been important for those wanting to kick substance abuse.  Living a Christian life and following in the footsteps of the Lord is the best way a person can go about leaving behind the darkness and dangers of drug addiction and step forward into the light of God.

Additionally, Transformations gives each and every client the chance to experience the power of God’s love and divine healing.  The facility is skilled and provides guaranteed treatment, even when secular methods may have previously failed.  With the utilization of church sessions, biblical scripture, prayer, group counseling and therapy, a client is invited to participate and rebuild a closer and more personal relationship with God.  One of the main differences between a Christian drug rehab center versus a secular facility is the provision of pastoral guidance, which can be instrumental for a client who needs extra reassurance and compassion during the treatment process.

With time and treatment, drug addiction can be successfully treated.  Using the programs and methods provided by a faith-based facility can give a person a ray of hope, even in the darkest of times.  Enrolling in a faith-based drug rehab program can be the key to breaking the vicious cycle of substance abuse and help a person go on to live a life filled with love and happiness once again.

Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment:

Transformations Treatment Center is so successful because of the way the facility combines the Christian faith with secular rehab methods.  The facility offers a faith-based drug rehab program which mirrors the same methods and modalities as found in secular treatment programs, but goes a step further in providing a client with spiritual fulfillment and Christian compassion.  Transformations works hard to uncover the underlying components of addiction which effects each client, which is essential if true healing and recovery are to be experienced.

In addition to faith-based tenets, principles and practices, Transformations also provides church sessions, prayer meetings, Bible studies and unlimited encouragement which lasts from the beginning and extends to the completion of rehabilitation and recovery.  The facility also provides an intensive and successful aftercare program to those clients who have completed a 30-day program, included are weekly counseling sessions which are free of charge and available for a one year period of time.

Because drugs do not discriminate, addiction can happen to anyone at anytime, nobody is exempt.  With addiction comes dependence and tolerance, which are very different from one another.  Dependency on drugs worsens over time and without treatment, while tolerance is what drives a person to seek out drugs to fill the emotional, psychological and emotional needs that are lacking in life.  Transformations gives a client the vital tools and life skills needed for facing and beating addiction and treats not only the addict, but the disease as well.

The world of drug addiction is dark and depressing; the disease makes a person do destructive and negative things.  It is normal for a drug addict to lie, cheat and steal to obtain and be able to use the drug of choice.  Treating addiction successfully requires breaking bad patterns of behavior and reinforcing new and effective coping and social mechanisms for the addict.  Transformations Treatment Center understands and treats each and every facet of drug addiction and makes it possible for a person to permanently kick substance abuse problems.

Transformations Treatment Center has employed a staff of compassionate and experience personnel who know how to handle many types of substance abuse and the related problems.  Outcome of faith-based treatment depends upon the desire of the patient, severity of addiction, receptivity to treatment and whether or not a strong support network and aftercare program are in effect.  With the help and support of Transformations, many people have been able to transform an existence filled with pain and peril into one of joy, happiness and lifelong sobriety.

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