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Florida Sober Living Home Information

The term sober living home has often been used interchangeably with halfway house. In many ways they are very much alike. The purpose is often the same. A sober living home has become a resource for those who have already completed a drug or alcohol program successfully.

It’s an option for ongoing drug and alcohol treatment but is not the first step in recovery for the addict. Typically this will be the next step after some other more intense treatment.

Reasons for entering a sober living home can vary from individual to individual. Many just realize they are not comfortable or ready to fully integrate back into everyday living. Most are afraid of responses from their family and friends.

A home allows them to continue recovery and test driving what they have learned in treatment without the additional more intense outside influences. They are in an environment that is safe and structured and among those who are dealing with very similar and real issues and fears. Many at this point still doubt their future of living a sober life.

Some may argue that by putting them with other addicts with some access to outside living is placing them at risk of relapse. The opposite actually occurs. The support of other addicts has proven to be extremely beneficial. Family and friends are often ignorant and subjective to their own views and beliefs about addiction.

A family member who doesn’t understand the complexities of addiction can actually hinder the addict’s recovery. Other addicts offer a comforting and familiar support. 

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A sober living home integrates positive peer influence with a teaching of sober free living. Most of the residents do not have any type of criminal history. And have come voluntarily after some other type of intense treatment. Most all that have entered through the court system have a criminal record only pertaining to their addiction, such as drug possession.

Still, the popular belief is that all sober living homes house some of the worst criminals and should be kept out of and away from any neighborhoods. Sex offenders and violent individuals, in fact, are not eligible for living in any sober home in a neighborhood. They are carefully screened by the district attorney’s office and applications are heavily scrutinized.

Due to an ever growing population of drug and alcohol abusers, the need for sober living homes has skyrocketed. In lieu of jail time, many addicts are now being offered the option of this alternative recovery method. The results have proven successful. Over half of the addicts that attend treatment and then enter into a sober living home maintain sober living. 

A sober living home offers a smooth transition from treatment to the real world. It’s a stepping stone in the ongoing effort at remaining sober. Individuals face similar dangers and temptations at a home but in a more controlled, safe, and supportive environment.

Relapse while in the home is not tolerated and those coming onto the premises under the influence are typically discharged. Newly acquainted residents struggle with idle time and a sober living home is an opportune way to help the recovering addict gain support from their peers. Many lifetime friendships have developed this way. Contact Florida Halfway House.

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