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Halfway House in Florida

A Halfway House can be a great step in the direction of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. In Florida, halfway houses have been around many years and for various reasons. While most notably known to house criminals after their release, they are becoming increasingly popular in providing a sober living environment for those battling alcohol and drug addiction in Florida.

They are intended to be a “half way” point in treatment in which the abuser has successfully completed some type of in or out patient treatment, and is just not ready to be cast directly back into their former day to day lives.

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The main purpose of a halfway house for an addict is to prevent relapse. Studies have indicated that those who go to a halfway house after treatment are many times more likely not to relapse than those who don’t.

The halfway house provides strict guidelines with a set of rules that each house member must follow. This offers a more controlled and supportive environment for the abuser to sort of test drive sober free living. 

Rules vary from house to house but most all will not tolerate anyone coming onto the property under the influence. Most often, the addict who violates this will be discharged from the house.

Other rules might include random drug testing, maintaining a full time job, and adhering to a curfew. The curfew allows the staff to take a roll call at a set time each evening. 

Admission and discharge is typically voluntary and many houses will charge a monthly fee. This is discussed prior to admission and is often much less than the average rent expense.

The average stay is anywhere from three to six months, however, no one is ever kicked out after six months unless they violate the rules.

Halfway houses can often be found located next to or near a treatment facility. Most abusers go directly to the house following their treatment.

They used to be more commonly found in the least desirable areas of town, however, this proved fatal to the success of the recovering addicts.

This has also contributed to the negativity that has commonly surrounded halfway houses. Today, houses can be found in normal, everyday neighborhoods.

Halfway houses are not a replacement for drug and alcohol treatment. Some might offer some type of ongoing drug and alcohol treatment, however, if the person is still using, they need to go back to a drug rehab.

The purpose of the halfway house is to provide a safe, nonthreatening environment for the addict to continue their recovery and get slowly acclimated back into a sober life.

The underlying fundamentals of a halfway house are to maintain motivation for the abuser to stay sober while offering various types of support.

For some this may include work training or release programs, skill building and job search assistance, and peer support. Sometimes education programs are also available.

Slowly increasing exposure to the challenges and temptations everyday life poses to recovering addicts offers them a higher probably of success. The support house members receive from their peers is one of their most valuable resources. After all, everyone there knows what the other has and is going through. For more information on Halfway House in Florida.



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